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Friday, December 11, 2009

Ask and you shall receive and GLASSES!

Hello everyone,

I have been totally slacking on the blog with darn Fbook now!

So Sam is 3.5yrs old and yes, he has Down syndrome. A lot of kids his age with Ds to have words at this point. Sam has none:( I know he has so much to say. He does sign a lot but nothing vocal yet. Just some sounds. He has been getting speech 3x a week at his school and I just asked to revise his PPT or put an adendum on it for a couple reasons.
1. Sam is not talking and also has Apraxia. The recommended resources for him for that is SLP 4-5x a week. So I am asking for another 1/2hr of SLP for him.
2. GLASSES! Yes, Sam now has glasses.They are prisms. His vision is actually pretty good but he does not track well. I totally notice a difference on how he looks at thinks with them on! He is so cute I just can't stand it!
We have a new eye DR. who is a behavioral eye specialist. SHE ROCKS! I am taking Sam's big brothers to her to get checked out too! Who knows....I am thinking this is why Cole is having issues at concentrating. She works a lot with kids and schoolwork!

Soo......received a call today from the director of Sam's school and the PPT is scheduled for Jan 6th at 2:30. Anyone want to join me:) hehe. She said, Sam WILL be getting slp 4 times a week...we are going to add another 1/2hr! WAAAAAHHOOOOO!
Oh....did I mention...his mommy ROCKS! He needs the gift of speech so badly and they will do anything to help him there!

Ok..heres is a pic of Sammy in his new specs!

1 comment:

SunflowerMom said...

He looks very handsome and grown up in his glasses. I hope he is easy on them and enjoys wearing them!