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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sam has AFO's !!

So Sam was fitted a few weeks back for AFO's. He was doomed from the start when it comes to his feet. Mommy pronates, grandma...Aunties and so on! Sam will strengthen his leg muscles by having the correct footing behind it.

We could NOT find a shoe that fit this AFO at all. We tried Target, Payless, Stride name it and even taking the inserts out a no go. We knew we could order the ugly Hatchback shoes for him but I would not put those on my other boys (UGLY)..why Sam? I was determined to find a normal looking shoe for him!

We found this ROCKIN store called FOOTPRINTS in Newington,CT. We went on a Saturday and they were so super busy you have to take a number! The service there reminded me back in the day when my mom used to take me to Buster Browns to get my shoes 2x a year:)

They really know there stuff there and deal with AFO's all the time! We found a great pair of New Balance Sneakers in XX Wide and we also picked up a pair of socks so he will not chafe at all on his legs. They really are great there! I will post a pic of him wearing them soon. We have to wean into them:) We did pick up a pair of inserts for his other shoes when he is not wearing the AFO's so he can have support all the time.

Here is a pic of his new AFO's.