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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sam starting Pre-school

Sorry everyone. It has been too long for my postings for sure! I am going to get better about this for sure! SO..I changed my blog name to mymonkeydoodles because Sam's favorite cuddle is his sock monkey. I will post a picture in a new header soon. I promise to post more on this pre-school venture he is starting. Sam is going to CT.College for Pre-school 5 days a week..full time. We had a round about with our district and they agreed there was not an appropriate setting for him and we agreed that out of district placement was appropriate for Sam. This I am happy about. I am not so happy there is no place for him in our district that is appropriate (mainstreamed) but that soon will hopefully change. THey are trying hard to make changes. THey just would not be ready for Sam by May 4th. I am also on the FAST team with our district. It is a parent/teacher advocacy group. Post later!