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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Test at CCMC

Well, Sammy survived the Barium test at CCMC. They were looking for Hirshprungs. That is where the colin is very narrow after the opening of the bum and it is hard for stools to pass. Ok...too much info, I know..I know. Anyhow, He did great. They gave him some sleepy juice and he was glassy eyed as he watched Barney while the DR.did the test.

So....reports so far show no signs of Hirshsprungs. We will still wait to hear from the G.I. doc to get the clean bill. What does this mean?? Well, Sam just has low gut mobility from low tone in his G.I. track and will always have to be on Mirylax daily so he is not in pain from being constipated:( We have tried it all and the Mirylax seems to work.

Here are some pics ...Sam feel asleep after the procedure so we had to wait a bit longer for him to wake up:)


Maureen said...

oh no! It is so sad that these little guys have to go through this. We tried mira lax with penny and she had such bad stomach pains we went back to the prune juice, but we have to give her so much of it each day to keep her regular!! Poor peanuts!

Mama Mason-Mann said...

aww, sweet of him all zonked out on you. I'm sure he was so at peace being back in your arms. A nice safe place to sleep! :)

Monica Crumley said...

Hi there. Thanks for saying hi on my blog. I guess we both have monkeys :-) Your Sammy is super cute (all your boys!) I'm surprised they checked for Hirschsprung's so late in his life... my little guy had the slightly unpleasant B.E. test about a year ago. Didn't show anything... just lots of p**p inside. We still battle this, but refried beans work every time. Good thing he like Mexican food :-)