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Saturday, July 18, 2009

What did I do Mommy? as I am trying to update this blog on my laptop, Sam decided to blog on his own by gettting on the desktop. Why do you need a full diaper on to type?? I will tell you why...behind the half on diaper in front is a chair with PEE on it! HAHAHA!
Oh well....that chair has seen better days any how! Time for an IKEA trip. I think when he climbed up in the chair the snaps came undone:)


Ria said...

haha! That's too funny. I have a 21 month old who has DS. Found you via "Raising Joey".
my blog:

hspcole2 said...

Oh..That is great! Nice to meet you. I will look to see if you have a blog too!

Maureen said...

that is so funny. Penny had a similiar incident today. She escaped this morning while Nathaniel was doing a chore outside and she went running down the sidewalk! I heard Nathaniel yell after her, "Why are you holding a diaper?" But I didn't think anything of it. 1 minute later, Nathaniel is carrying her back into the house and her butt is hanging out under her skirt. The little stinker got the diaper off!