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Monday, August 24, 2009

Clean house and SCORE!

So we had a very productive weekend CLEANING. My room was last week. This week was the playroom/office. Whew, is all I can say. I just don't know how we can build up so much stuff. Really, I am not out buying toys every week for my kids. I have figured it out after cleaning up the war zone. It is BOYS! They love to take apart things, cut things up and throw stuff everywhere. Really. I have never seen so much cut up paper in my life. I am banning them from scissors (just kidding, but I would like too)!
So, 9 big black garbage bags later..yes 9. I would say 4 of them were garbage and the rest Goodwill. It does feel good to look in there and see a nice organized area!

We totally SCORED at the Goodwill while brining stuff there, we made 3 runs this weekend. We picked up an Imaganarium train/play table for 24.99 in mint condition. Looks like it came right out of the box. Unbelievable! You just never know what you can find. We picked that up quick as it would not last long there. The boys LOVE IT! We had a train table from about 9 yrs ago but the board was trashed and it did not have drawers like this one!~ WAHOOO!


Maureen said...

Great job Holly! We put Nathaniel's table in storage a few years ago, and sadly we don't have the room to take it out with Penny's crib in there, but she love love loves to play with the trains on the floor.

It must feel so good to have that area cleaned out!

Ria said...

From the photos, the playroom/ office looks great! I can see that train table getting a lot of mileage.